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Accident set

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Incl. camera with branded film

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* Accident set including camera with flash
* 28 mm optical lens
* Manual forward and rewind
* 35 mm focus free film ISO 400 “Made in Italy”; 6, 12 or 27 pictures
* Produces sharp and clear pictures; also available as panorama camera
* Accident set in plastic or nylon box
* Logo print and own report possible
* Plastic or nylon packaging as required
* Including battery, chalk, ballpoint pen, German accident report and ruler. Article 25f available immediately
* Own logo and own packaging possible. Own accident report design possible.
* 80 pieces / box
* Art. no. 25a (plastic box, film with 6 pictures)
Art. no. 25b (nylon bag, film with 6 pictures)
Art. no. 25c (plastic box, film with 12 pictures)
Art. no. 25d (nylon bag, film with 12 pictures)
Art. no. 25e (plastic box, film with 27 pictures)
Art. no. 25f (nylon bag, film with 27 pictures)