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Ice block bottle cooler

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Ice block bottle cooler

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The ice block bottle cooler keeps every party cool.

Bottles presented on an ice block – unique placement of products in clubs or at home. A bottle stand will still ensure perfect continuing presentation of the bottle should the ice have melted completely after several hours. The melt water is collected in the pan.

Unique product presentation. An absolute eye-catcher at every party. Looks good and keeps drinks really cold.

Available in two versions:
Single wine or sparkling wine bottles
Six beer bottles

Three-part set:

Black silicone mould – to fill with water
Tray and collecting pan for melt water
Stand for bottle

* Fill the black mould with water
* Place the bottle holder into the mould
* Then freeze the complete mould in the freezer
* Place the ice block in the collecting pan and place the bottle into the holder

The product shown is patent-protected.


individually dyable according to the Pantone palette


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