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Baumkuchen Milk chocolate 300 g

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Baumkuchen Milk chocolate 300 g

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The Baumkuchen is a particular specialty of the Kuchenmeister bakery. Baumkuchen is a masterpiece in the art of the confectioner, with exquisite ingredients such as fine chocolate, butter and marzipan. Thin layers of dough are baked one after the other in front of an open flame and finally enveloped in a bittersweet chocolate coating.

* packaged in a transparent bag with standard label, approx. 6 x 7 cm
* customised labels available for 600 pieces and up, at a surcharge


Optional: Packaged in a transparent bag and folding box available for 520 pieces and up at a surcharge, with customised label for 780 pieces and up

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